Your world becomes fluorescent

special effects fluo lux   


Fluo Lux is a product that gives a strong visual impact to any surface. Your objects will no longer live in anonymity and shine with a unique lighting.   It is a single-component acrylic paint with special fluorescent effect high strength and fast drying.


It is easy to apply and does not require any professional equipment. It is available in 4 colors that make each colored surface. The media on which you want to apply the product must necessarily be white.


Used to emphasize parts of the walls of children's rooms and public spaces, mobile phones, video games, bar counters, chairs, lamps, body parts of cars and motorcycles, helmets.

Your world becomes sparkling

Glitter is a product that makes any surface sprinkled with thousands of fragments of light.
It allows you to cover your items with the splendor that gives light to thousands of special micro-colored specks.


The sparkling effect is made by the application of micro prismatic flakes of the surface of maximum 1 sq mm.
It 'a special acrylic paint quick-drying and high strength.
You can get a shine both mono and multi-chromatic applicable, in backgrounds of any color.
The product is applied with a clear finish that leaves the surface smooth and highly polished.


Used to make shiny mobile phones, bracelets, furnishing accessories, Christmas decorations, components of personal computers, body parts of cars and motorcycles, helmets, electric guitars.

Your world becomes phosphorescent

Neon is a product that makes any surface bright to dark. Allows you to dye your items to a magical effect to amaze.



It 'a special paint acrylic high strength and fast drying which is applied with airbrush It has a neutral color The support on which is applied to the photo-luminescent charging of light when exposed to lue for natural light when then is brought in a dark environment.

Used to give the light walls of homes and public buildings, furniture parts, furniture accessories, bodywork of cars and motorcycles, helmets.

Your world becomes ever-changing

Scarabeus is a product that allows you to capture all the nuances of reality.

Your objects will be colored tint that light at any time decide to give. It 'a special one-component acrylic paint that is sprayed on.

scarabeus special paints   

The different intensity of  the light that reaches the surface, creates endless combinations of colors.
It is available in 8 colors.
Ideal for removing the monotony of the plain tint, without sacrificing the intensity of the color.

Used to make chameleon-like cell phones, auto parts and motorcycle parts, pc, sections of walls, watches.


Your world becomes spectacular

Scrach is a product that gives uniqueness to any surface. You can deprive your items and the monochrome monotony pervaderli of an artistic appeal.



Scratchs It is a special acrylic paint that can be applied on an individual basis. The numerous combinations of colors available leave room for imagination. The product is spread on the surface layer and is characterized by high volatility ingredients that wiping withdraw returning random decorations. It is ideal to create a cracked effect giving a semblance of antique.


Used to decorate dishes and vases, trays, boxes, parts of furniture, clocks, doors, automotive interior components.

Your world becomes bright

cerchione covershine ok

SteelChrome is' a single-component, fast drying paint applied to any surface with a conventional HVLP gun

• Adapts to your imagination with its multiple applications.

• Applying a finish can make the color that suits your needs.

Used to polish furniture complements, Components Automobiles & Motorcycles, Helmets, Fashion Accessories, Musical Instruments, Sporting Goods.

Your world becomes soft to the touch

velvet special paint   


Velvet is a product that combines an intense color to the texture revolutionary


• You can set up your objects with a dual sensory relationship: you can no longer distract neither eyes nor hands


• It 'a special paint acrylic component high strength, fast-drying spray application.



• Does not require the application of a top coat for finishing.

• Its peculiarity is the intense color, the mat and softness to the touch

Used to soften helmets, boxes, pieces of furniture, clocks, automotive interior components.


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