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Can you chrome all the supports?

Surely, this is one of the big advantages compared to standard chrome.

can I do it at home?

You can use our hardware "easy chrome" but it is always better to have a vacuum cleaner or cabin.

Do I need a special equipment?

Absolutely yes, because it is necessary to have a special double gun that will exit the double producTs to 50%.

What is the chrome’s resistance?

It has excellent resistance thanks to our special scratchproof

How long it exposed to the elements?

The duration is variable depending on the climate, clearly in very hot and humid countries near the sea the duration is less.

What is the lifetime of the unused concentrated products?

The duration varies from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the product, you can refer to the data sheets.

What is the lifetime of the products ready to use?

Even in this case varies depending on the product and in any case from 2 to 6 months, you can refer to the data sheets.

What’s the life time of the concentrated activator ?

if Unopened it expires in 6 months ( you have the lable of the production time)

What’s the lifitime of the activator ready to use?

As soon as it is mixed with bi distilled water it must be used in the same day.

Do I have to empty the tanks after use?

Absolutely not, the product has a long life time in the containers.

Do I have to wash them after use?

It is not necessary, but it is advisable to wash them well every 2 or 3 months only ever with bi distilled water.

Do I always have to check the silver gun before use?

It is very important to be sure to have an output of two identical products, I recommend using 2 cups to check the accuracy before use, and always do a test sheet before proceeding with production.

How do I know if the plating and 'come good just performed?

The very important thing to check is that the halo disappears while it dries the piece, it must be perfectly transparent and must not have a yellowish color, in this case the reaction is not completed in a correct way.

Do I have to wash the gun after use?

I highly recommend it because it could create small flakes that could plug the hole, and I recommend it only to wash well with bi distilled water.

Is it necessary to use bi distilled water to wash and use to prepare the products?

Referring to the mixing of concentrated products and for the rince of the parts, it’s indispensable the only bi distilled water use.

Can I use a normal clearcoat to protect the silver?

you must use our CS402 that has been studied in order to be compatible with silver.

what cratchproof clearcoat can I use?

I commend our scratchproof Sirious, which has excellent resistance to weathering and mechanical factors.

Can I make all the colors I want?

Absolutely, and thank you to our team of colorists, every shade and color is possible with "COVERCHROME"

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